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Dog attacks on 80-year-old and five-year-old – police say secure your dogs or be fined

Following two separate incidents of dogs attacking members of the public, Hawkesbury Police have issued a stern warning to remind dog owners of their responsibilities, and highlighting the fines for not keeping dogs secured.

In the first incident an 80-year-old man was walking his dog in North Richmond when it was attacked by another dog in the street.

The man was pulled to the ground, suffering cuts to his wrist and nose.

In the second incident a five-year-old child was bitten on the leg while riding his bike in Bligh Park.

A police spokesman said, “while the injuries on this occasion are relatively minor, these types of incidents can be extremely traumatic for the persons involved and have the potential to cause serious injury.

“It highlights the need for all dog owners to ensure their pets are secured within their property. Regular inspections of fences and gates should be undertaken, and care given to ensure these are closed and secured properly to prevent pets escaping.”

Both Police and Local Council Rangers have the power to investigate and issue penalty notices or court attendance notices for offences relating to dogs.

On the spot fines can be issued for offences such as ‘Fail To Prevent Dog Escaping $220’ and ‘Owner Of Dog Which Rushes at/attacks/bites/harasses/chases and person/ animal $1320.’

“These matters are taken seriously and action will be taken where appropriate,” said the spokesman.

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