• Tony Bosworth

“Do the right thing” – MP urges Rural Press bosses as fears some could miss out on redundancy pay

The closure of Rural Press’s North Richmond print works – set for June 25 - has sent shock waves through the community with 100 locals set to lose their jobs, and now MP Susan Templeman is calling on bosses to pay redundancy fairly.

“This is a terrible blow for these workers and the local community as a whole,” Ms Templeman said Tuesday evening.

“Given Australian Community Media’s (ACM) decision, the most important thing now is that workers are given fair and appropriate redundancy payments.

“I am concerned to hear that there are some long-term casuals who could miss out on redundancy entitlements despite years of loyal service, and I am calling on ACM to do the right thing by its workers.”

In a statement handed to the Post, ACM said they would like to thank all employees “for what has been in many cases years of service and we wish them well in what is a difficult period”.

“Since taking over ACM in 2019, Executive Chairman Antony Catalano and his executive team have been considering ways to take onerous cost out of the business and set it up for future success,” says the statement.

“This decision, while difficult, is critical in establishing a streamlined, capital-light business that can compete in this rapidly changing media landscape.”

And in a nod to the likelihood of the ACM-owned Hawkesbury Gazette continuing to be printed, despite its steadily downward print circulation over the last decade, the company said it “is committed to maintaining its printed products and has sourced alternate printing arrangements for post June 25”.

“A more streamlined and sustainable ACM will enable us to invest in the high-quality journalism that will continue to keep our communities strong, informed and connected,” said the statement.

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