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Dawn of new Climate Action Network urging Hawkesbury residents to switch to low carbon footprint

Today sees the dawn of a new environment organisation in the Hawkesbury encouraging residents to take simple steps to lower their carbon foot print.

Hawkesbury residents already have one of the highest solar uptakes in NSW - around 20 per cent of local homes feature solar panels on their roofs – but the newly formed Hawkesbury Climate Action Network (CAN) wants us all to do more.

CAN is a collaboration between local environment organisations and individuals who live in the Hawkesbury and are advocating for urgent climate action.

They believe we can all play a part in lowering emissions in a bid to stabilise the climate.

Watch Hawkesbury CAN's new video launched today...

They see the Hawkesbury becoming a regional leader in carbon sequestration through activities including regenerative agriculture, compost production, Landcare activities, reforestation, ecosystem protection and carbon farming.

The network is an umbrella organisation including Hawkesbury Environment Network, Macquarie Electorate Student Climate Activists, Western Sydney Environment Collective, Macquarie GetUp, Hawkesbury Community Unions Alliance, Stop Adani Hawkesbury, as well as individuals.

The group is encouraging everyone to follow their lead by taking action at home, work and in the community.

Spokesperson Chloe Tyrrell says, “We’ve identified three key actions that make a big difference for a lighter carbon footprint.

“Firstly, it’s a no-brainer to switch to the sun,” she says.

“More than 20 per cent of Hawkesbury homes have switched to sun power for their roofs,

which is among the highest in NSW. The Hawkesbury has a lot of off-grid power pioneers and many more recent solar-switchers. That’s a heap of expertise in solar-switching.”

Ms Tyrell says most Hawkesbury homes and businesses have big roofs that catch the sun all year.

“Solar will reduce power bills and help Hawkesbury become 100% renewable by 2030. According to many leading studies, renewable energy is now the least expensive power option in most countries.

“Secondly, we can all care for our land,” says Chloe. “Hawkesbury’s fertile soils grow top quality produce and our beautiful bushlands naturally regulate temperature, generate clean water, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store carbon in the soil and trees. These are the ingredients of life.

Hawkesbury - home to top quality produce which plays its part in low carbon achievements

“Thirdly, we can all show leadership and speak up for climate action,” says the Hawkesbury CAN spokesperson.

“We can always make the case for net zero emissions. We have the opportunity to push for stronger policies at local, state and federal government levels. We can push the companies we do business with to divest from fossil fuels - especially in our workplace, bank and super fund. We can advocate for a just transition and clean jobs, we can talk to our neighbours about actions we can take together” says Chloe.

“School Strikers show the power of collective advocacy and the TV show Fight for Planet A, showed the many practical ways to make a difference.

“If every Hawkesbury resident, business, school, community organisation, government institution and political representative adopts these three actions, the Hawkesbury could become an Aussie leader in cutting carbon pollution. Switching to the sun, caring for land and speaking up for climate action brings hope and helps us build a thriving and resilient community,” says Ms Tyrrell.

You can find out more about Hawkesbury Climate Action Network on their Facebook page.

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