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Daddy’s Burgers opens in Windsor – Mayor cuts the ribbon and welcomes tasty new business

Here’s something you can really get your teeth into – home-made burgers and wings with a whole load of sides, and it’s a family business in the increasingly booming Windsor town centre.

Daddy’s Burgers 'n Wings opened this morning in the Windsor Mall on George Street, on the corner of Kable St.

The name came from owners’ Aaron and Kirsty Tidswell’s young children.

“Yes, the kids came up with the name,” Kirsty told the Post this morning.

“For them it just makes sense – it’s just Daddy’s Burgers.”

Daddy's Burgers owners, Kirsty and Aaron Tidswell - open for business

Kirsty is out front taking care of customers, while husband Aaron is cooking up a whole range of burgers and wings and sides, including vegan and vegetarian options too alongside the more traditional beef burgers.

The food is really great quality and a massive step up from the common mass-produced burgers some of the larger chains dish up.

All Daddy’s meat burgers are made with pure Angus beef , served with either a brioche bun or a seeded milk bun, and there’s also a BBQ pulled pork with bacon, freshly made house slaw, smokey BBQ sauce and aioli. There’s a chicken burger too and also vegetarian and vegan burger options, which is good to see.

Just a few of the mouth-watering choices...

And here’s some other good news – all the burgers come with a serve of fries. All too many burger restaurants make you pay extra for fries these days, so this is a great combo.

Wings – all gluten free – come in plain (coated in Daddy’s spices and served with a side of aioli), Smokey BBQ, Spicy, and Poppa’s which are buttermilk fried wings finished with an apricot glaze and sesame seeds

Loaded fries include chicken chips with melted cheese, fried chicken poppers, BBQ sauce and aioli topped with shallots. There are also Vegetarian Fries, Spicy Spuds and Porky Potato.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was on Saturday morning with Hawkesbury Mayor Patrick Conolly, who must be getting used to this by now, given how many new shops are opening in Windsor.

“Daddy’s Burgers looks great,” said the Mayor. “It’s great for the Hawkesbury and for Windsor, and it’s good to see the opening of another new business. There are fewer and fewer empty shops in Windsor, the whole town is full of energy. To be honest it wasn’t always like that here, but now there’s always plenty of people. It’s been a real transformation and a lot of that is down to great businesses like this opening up.”

We asked the Mayor if he was a burger man. “Oh definitely,” he said.

Head Chef Aaron has been a chef for well over a decade, learning his trade at Simon’s Café in Windsor and more recently at Kurmond Social Club.

“It was time to set out on our own,” said Aaron. “It is a bit nerve-wracking, but I’ve been preparing food for a long time, so we're looking forward to it, we’ll get on with it and I'm sure it will do well. It is really exciting. I do think we’re very different to anything else around.”

From the original idea to actually getting the place open, has been pretty quick.

“We planned it for probably a month,” Kirsty said. “And then really everything happened really fast – and here we are.”

You can choose to sit in to eat in the very nicely themed restaurant - though due to Covid that is limited to 20 people at a time at the moment - or you can do takeaway.

The couple will also be offering their food through Menulog and Uber Eats too, which are fast proving popular with Hawkesbury residents, and soon they also hope to offer seating outside, though even now there are several fitted council seats just outside Daddy’s so you can sit there and eat.

So if you fancy a really top burger, sides, wings and a great atmosphere, get along to Daddy’s Burgers n Wings – it’s a really tasty addition to Windsor.

Menu options...

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