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Crime roundup – man charged with AVO breaches at Bligh Park, cocaine drug arrest in Windsor

Hawkesbury Police arrested a 41-year-old Merrylands man on Friday after he had twice visited a Bligh Park home which he’s been banned from.

The man visited the home on the morning of January 30, which was against the conditions in a current Apprehended Domestic Violence Order.

He again visited the same home on Friday. Police were alerted and arrested the man at the property.

He was taken to Windsor Police Station and charged with two counts of Breach AVO. Bail was refused, and the man will appear before Parramatta Local Court.

Also on Friday, in an unrelated incident, Hawkesbury Proactive Crime Team officers were patrolling at 11.20pm in George Street, Windsor.

Police stopped and spoke with a 21-year-old man from Plumpton and had reason to search him. The officers found a clear resealable bag containing white powder, believed to be cocaine. Police also found a second clear resealable bag containing a brown crystal substance, believed to be MDMA.

Officers also reported the man was using offensive language while they were interacting with him.

Following seizure of the drugs, he was issued with a Court Attendance Notice for the offences of Possess Prohibited Drug x 2 and Offensive Language and will be required to attend Windsor Local Court later this month.

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