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Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced just now 11am that Greater Sydney - which includes the Hawkesbury - will remain in Covid lockdown for another week from this Friday.

Twenty-seven new cases up to 8pm last night.

"This Delta strain is a game-changer. we don't want to be in a situation where we move from lockdown to no lockdown, then back to lockdown and so on," said the Premier.

School pupils who are due back to classes on Tuesday, will remain at home and switch on to remote learning. Children of essential workers will be able to go to school if required.

Premier says this strain [Delta] is more contagious in children but main concern is too many people being out and about.

The decision was made by the NSW government’s crisis cabinet committee after extended meetings yesterday - Tuesday. It is understood the committee is working on a plan with further details on how the state will come out of lockdown in 10 days and what that will look like.

More than 330 locally acquired cases of Covid have been recorded since mid-June, when the virus broke out in Sydney's eastern suburbs and spread west of the city.

The lockdown will now end - unless there is a change in circumstances - at midnight on July 16.

More when the Premier appears at the regular morning media conference at 11am.

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