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Premier Gladys Berejiklian says get vaccinated now and she wants to see at least an 80 percent vaccination rate amongst NSW residents as soon as possible.

The Premier has just told this morning’s media conference that people of all ages will now have access to the AstraZeneca vaccination.

She announced there were another 19 cases of Covid in the 24 hours up to 8pm last night. None of those are in the Hawkesbury.

Interestingly, on April 8, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he had accepted ‘expert advice’ that Pfizer was the preferred vaccine for under-50s and AstraZeneca the preferred Covid jab for Australians over 50.

That announcement came after increasing evidence the AstraZeneca jab was associated with extremely rare but potentially deadly blood clots.

On Monday night, the PM said people under 40 could put their hands up for the AstraZeneca jabs, because the Commonwealth would indemnify any GPs prepared to administer the vaccination.

Best advice, of course, would seem to be to talk to your GP about vaccination, but get vaccinated now, says the Premier.

Premier Berejiklian said this morning she’d like to “reiterate the decision that was taken at national cabinet yesterday, is that people of all ages - after consulting their GP - will have access to AstraZeneca”.

“Can I please stress, if you’ve already had your first jab, please come forward and get your second jab. And obviously, everybody can consider the situation in relation to the AstraZeneca jab,” the Premier said.

“But I do also want to stress that until the vast majority of our population is vaccinated, we will have to live differently, given the strain of the virus. But I want to assure our citizens, that the NSW Government is already thinking about what life will look like post the lockdown, and until we get the vast majority of our citizens vaccinated.

“It’s so important to get vaccination rates up.

“I’ve been very vocal about this from day one. And I’m really encouraging our citizens to come forward and get vaccinated.”

Picture - Gustavo Fring

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