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Slightly lower number of new cases overall today across Greater Sydney but the Premier says while that is good news the numbers are still too high, particularly the 21 cases which have been infectious in the community.

No new cases reported for the Hawkesbury, following the three yesterday, who are all members of the same family and who are in isolation.

Sadly, a man in his 70s from Sydney’s eastern suburbs has died overnight from Covid.

Dr Kerry Chant, the State’s Chief Medical Officer, said it is essential everyone stay home.

“This [today’s numbers] is still too many people in the community that are infectious. It is essential that we stay at home and only leave home for the most essential reasons. Do not visit people in other households,” she said.

“Don’t become complacent across Greater Sydney,” said Dr Chant. “The person you may be encountering at the shopping centre may have Covid,” she said.

“Shop purposefully, and put your mask on before going into shops.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian also said it is important if you are having workers coming to do any work you ask which suburb they are from.

From today anyone who lives in the Fairfield Local Government area [which is a Covid hotspot] and who regularly has to go out of the LGA to work, has to have regular Covid tests – every three days - to demonstrate that they’re virus free, even if they don’t have symptoms.

“Unfortunately,” said the Premier, “ we see what we call asymptomatic people who don’t have symptoms, leaving the house, going out of the local area to work and unfortunately sending the virus to other parts of Greater Sydney or elsewhere and that’s what we have to stop.

“If you happen to have people on your worksite or overseeing work or any time of activity in your private residence or commercial premises, please ask where they live and if they live or come from that area, a hotspot area, please ask when the last time was that they got tested," said the Premier.

“That also will apply to people working in the regions. We are asking people who are working or moving between greater metropolitan Sydney and into the regions to get a weekly Covid test, even if they don’t have symptoms just to make sure that we reduce the incidence of essential workers passing on the virus,” she said.

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