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COVID UPDATE - THURSDAY - "This is perhaps the scariest period that NSW is going through" - Premier

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says today at 12.30pm, “This is perhaps the scariest period that NSW is going through. It’s very contagious variant, but at this stage we are comfortable the settings in place are correct.”

So no lockdown just yet.

“Please be extra cautious. My level of concern is medium to high.

“We do expect other cases in the next few days,” said the Premier.

There have been no COVID cases reported in the Hawkesbury, but there are 18 new cases – all but one of them linked - Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced in her daily briefing.

Police report they are stepping up mask wearing enforcement, with no more cautions and penalty notices being handed out instead.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Warboys said Police have issued 150 cautions for not wearing masks on public transport but there will be no more cautions.

“There are clearly people who want to be mischievous [and not wear a mask]. Those people will be spoken to and given a penalty notice,” said the Dep Comm.

He added that Traffic and Highway patrols will be checking on anyone moving outside the Sydney suburbs – which do not include the Hawkesbury – which have stay at home orders.

He said if during these school holidays people chose to go outside the Order and “drive to the snow, or down the coast, or out west, Traffic and Highway will be enforcing that action, and we will also be on transport system and in pubs and clubs”.

Police in the Hawkesbury will also be patrolling locally and checking for non-compliance.

In COVID news announced earlier today - Rouse Hill sewage treatment plant has COVID fragments.

That doesn't directly affect the Hawkesbury and there are several people in isolation in that area so perhaps not too surprising. Just so you're aware.

More than 48,000 people, including the Premier, have been tested for COVID in the last 24 hours. The Premier was negative, and she stressed testing numbers needed to go up.

Remember, we need to wear masks in the Hawkesbury when shopping...

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