• Tony Bosworth


“It’s cruel the way this virus is contagious. It is spreading like we have never seen before,” said Premier Gladys Berejiklian today at 11am.

Most are spreading it from visits to pharmacies, work, and some shopping, she said.

The known COVID cases in the Hawkesbury are still at 6, with NSW Health aware of the source of each. Hawkesbury tests are up again, to a total of 13,127.

The Premier emphasised that people should get vaccinated. “Please get vaccinated – vaccine is the key to our freedom,” she said, though she added that we do not have enough doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

There were 48 new infectious NSW cases in the last 24 hours to 8pm – this is the number that needs to go as close to zero before lockdown can be lifted.

“Case numbers are concerning but they are nowhere near what they could have been,” said the Premier, but she added, “I’m expecting case numbers to go up even higher.

“We anticipate case numbers will go up before going down, and it does mean more presentations to hospital,” said the Premier.

There are 118 people in hospital, 14 are under the age of 55, 28 are in ICU, 14 are on ventilators.

There were 85,000 NSW tests in the last 24 hours.

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