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There were 105 new cases of COVID in NSW up to 8pm last night with 27 of those infectious in the community, so that key figure of 27 is stubbornly sitting there every day at the moment and it needs to get as close as possible to zero before lockdown will end.

In the Hawkesbury there are still four cases of COVID listed - all sources are known by NSW Health - and COVID fragments have been found at the McGraths Hill sewage site - that was on Tuesday, July 13. Total COVID tests carried out in the Hawkesbury have risen by 2000 in the last three days to 10,428.

One issue which is causing much frustration out in the community is what exactly is covered in the new tighter regulations announced yesterday, and that's not helped by a lack of information from the Premier's department and NSW Health, plus contradictory messages.

Are car repair businesses allowed to be open...it's not clear

Yesterday, for example, the Premier specifically said as part of the construction "pause" that home renovations would be off the agenda. Today she said that if someone was having a home renovation done - for a kitchen, for example - that was okay.

Similar confusion surrounds whether mechanics and smash repair operations can be open. We asked this question - among others - to both NSW Health and the Premier's department yesterday and were bounced from one to the other, with no answer forthcoming. We then asked legal experts AKC Legal who have been poring over all of the new regulation documentation and their advice is mechanics could be included under transport support services - but again it's not clear and clearly there's some way to go before everyone is clear on the exceptions.

Main pic - Anna Shvets

Car mechanic pic - Andrea Piacquadio

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