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Police will be charging anyone who was at the Sydney CBD march yesterday where as many as 3500 protestors ignored COVID stay-at-home orders and risk spreading the virus.

Deputy Commissioner Gary Warboys said, “it can only be described as violent, dirty, risky behaviour”, and asked for anyone with phone or video footage to upload it to Crime Stoppers so police can take action.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said of the march, she was “absolutely disgusted. It broke my heart”.

She said millions of people were doing the right thing and that those on the march, “should be ashamed of yourselves”.

Meanwhile, Hawkesbury COVID figures remain steady this morning at 6 known cases.

The total tests carried out in the Hawkesbury increased by 634 in the last 24 hours – up from a Saturday figure of total tests of 13,681 to 14,315.

Across NSW there was a record-breaking 102,000 tests taken.

Sadly there were two deaths overnight - none in the Hawkesbury - due to COVID, and one of those was a woman in her 30s with no pre-existing illness or medical conditions. The other was a woman in her 70s.

There are 141 people in hospital with COVID, 43 of those are in intensive care, including a teen and seven people in their 20s.

Eighteen people are on ventilators.

Sixty of the people in hospital are under the age of 55 and 28 are under 45.

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