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COVID UPDATE - SATURDAY - crisis cabinet meeting called as numbers rise and spread

In the last 10 days there have been 82 new cases across Sydney, with 29 to 8pm last night

“I want to foreshadow that because of the increasing exposure sites that the health advice is evolving,” says Premier Gladys Berejiklian just now.

“Can I please thank everybody for adhering so quickly and so well to the orders which came into effect from midnight.

“But I am putting everybody on notice that we may need to extend that during the course of the day or tomorrow.”

Health Minister Brad Hazard says there is “growing concern” about the spread of the Delta variant of Covid.

“The Delta variant is proving to be a very formidable foe. No matter what defensive steps we are taking at the moment, the virus seems to understand how to counter attack in different locations,” he says.

“That’s causing us a high level of concern.

“This virus is certainly lurking in places we hadn’t expected and it is waiting, it is waiting to actually be able to extend it across Sydney.

"My strong advice to the community is if you don’t need to be out, don’t.”

There are 29 new cases up to 8pm last night – none so far reported in the Hawkesbury.

There will be a crisis cabinet meeting today and Premier Berejiklian has said they will be evaluatating the health advice – which could lead to further restrictions later today.

There is a spread of the virus outside of the 7 locked down local government areas – which at the moment do not include the Hawkesbury.

“There is likely to be a update on restrictions,” said the Premier. “And I want to foreshadow that could well be the case that further action will be taken.”

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