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“This is time for all of us to come together," says Premier Gladys Berejiklian as she announces today - Saturday - tougher restrictions including only critical retail to remain open until Friday, July 30.

The Premier mentioned supermarkets and pharmacists as critical, with a list to be released very soon.

The Hawkesbury's recorded number of Covid cases is still at four.

According to NSW Health, Covid fragments were found at McGraths Hill sewage treatment station on Tuesday, July 13.

"From midnight tonight, we will also make sure that only critical retail remains open," the Premier said.

"We have a list of what is critical retail. Obviously things like supermarkets, pharmacists, they will retain face-to-face retail. But anything which is regarded as non-critical retail will not be able to have face-to-face. We will be able to have click and collect, delivery or take away but please know we have considered carefully what is on the critical list and that will be made available very shortly.

"Anything that is non-critical retail will not be able to have face to face contact," said the Premier.

From today all construction, maintenance - which includes renovations - will be "paused" said the Premier, and that even includes cleaners coming into properties.

Anyone in construction will be able to secure their sites this weekend, said the Premier.

Extra fines for any bosses who force workers to go into offices - $10,000 fine.

Anyone living in local government areas Canterbury-Bankstown, Liverpool and Fairfield are not allowed to leave the LGAs for work, unless they are emergency or health services workers.

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