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As we enter week five of the lockdown, the numbers keep going up and the Premier says NSW Health advice will be looked at this week to see "what life looks like beyond July 31".

There will be further statements in the week about any lockdown tweaking but it looks like lockdown will continue, not least because Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said this morning from 11am, "what we have learned with the Delta variant you don’t have much leeway. It has no grace. With previous strains we could get to people early enough" and with Delta, infections are racing ahead of the virus tracers.

The Premier has previously said lockdown would not end until the number of those infectious in the community was as low to zero as possible.

The Hawkesbury is still steady at 6 known cases of COVID. There have been a total of 14,868 tests in the Hawkesbury, up from yesterday's figure of 14,315, so 553 more tests in the last 24 hours.

Premier Berejiklian stressed that everyone should get vaccinated as quickly as possible because that was the way out of the situation, but stocks of the Pfizer vaccine are very limited so AstraZeneca is the only other choice.

Previous health advice was the AZ vaccine should be given to people over 60, with Pfizer for those under 60. That advice recently changed and now everyone is being urged to get whichever vaccine they can - which would currently be AZ.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller also reported on the Sydney CBD march on Saturday.

He said there were discussions online about another potential protest this coming Saturday.

"We will be taking the ground very early," he said. "You will be arrested. The community has spoken about that behaviour and it won’t be tolerated again."

He said 227 tickets were issued overnight, 107 linking back to the Saturday protest. He said the community had spoken, with over 10,000 Crime Stoppers reports lodged by people reporting those who took part in the march without wearing masks or social distancing.

The Commissioner said, "we will chase down every individual we can identify and they will be arrested or given tickets".

"They put all of us in danger." he said.

There were 98,000 COVID tests on the weekend across NSW.

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