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COVID UPDATE – masks on in the Hawkesbury for a week as Covid cases climb in Sydney

A quick update on the Covid situation as it affects the Hawkesbury and some clarification around restrictions.

There are no reported Covid cases in the Hawkesbury but the big change today is that across Greater Sydney – which includes the Hawkesbury – people have to once again wear masks from 4pm today - Tuesday - for a week, if going to the shops or visiting any other retail store, or going to the cinema or theatre, restaurants or cafes.

The change is because there are now in total 21 cases of Covid linked to the Bondi cluster and it’s led to Premier Gladys Berejiklian extending the mask wearing edict from selected Sydney suburbs to the whole Greater Sydney area for another week, so that will end – at the moment – on Thursday, July 1.

At the moment there are no changes to limits on gatherings and you can still go for a meal or a drink – but hospitality workers need to wear masks – and you will also need to wear a mask in a pub or club, but obviously not when eating or drinking.

Here’s the Premier a short time ago: “As a result of what has occurred [an increase of five cases to 8pm last night], the NSW government will be extending the existing mask wearing provisions for an additional week.

“Previously, Wednesday midnight or Thursday morning at 12.01am, the existing ask in relation to masks was to expire. It will now continue as mandatory for another week. We will extend it to all of greater Sydney, excluding the Central Coast and excluding the Hunter.”

“[Under the compulsory mask rule] people will be required to wear masks indoors for hospitality workers, when we are going shopping, going grocery shopping, going to events inside.

“It is only when you are eating or drinking indoors at a venue that you can’t or shouldn’t wear a mask. In every other circumstance, if you live or are in Sydney, you must wear a mask for another week beyond Wednesday midnight.”

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