• Tony Bosworth


Mandatory mask wearing if you go into shops, catch public transport, cinema, churches, hair and beauty salons among those included from midnight tonight for Greater Sydney, which includes the Hawkesbury.

$200 fines from Monday if you don't comply. Gyms, weddings, funerals, churches, also have allowable numbers cut.

There were seven new Covid cases recorded in the last 24 hours, none in the Hawkesbury.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian speaking now says, “From midnight, masks will be compulsory in certain indoor settings. We will be making sure that compliance or enforcement occurs from Monday so we will not fine you until Monday, the fine would be $200.

“If you go to shopping centres, catching public transport, attending an entertainment venue like the cinema, you have to wear a mask.

“Places of worship, hair and beauty salons, gaming areas of establishments, staff and hospitality venues you will have to wear a mask.

"None of this is a surprise. We have already strongly wanted people to wear a mask but we do not want to restrict peoples’ ability to go about their business.

“But we want to increase economic activity and mask-wearing in these settings will ensure we have the confidence to do that.

We are reducing gym classes back down to 30. Currently it is at 50. At nightclubs, no surprises, you cannot dance or sing. Weddings, funerals or places of worship, we are reducing to 100 at this point in time and are subject to the four square metre rule.

“We are capping weddings, funerals and places of worship and we want to prevent any super spreading event. At performances and activities, we are reducing attendance to 500 from 1000, and outdoor events down to 2000.”

Children under 12 do not need to wear a mask, but the Premier says it would be a good idea if they did.

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