• Tony Bosworth

COVID UPDATE – Hawkesbury restrictions for another week until May 17 but no masks for shoppers

Covid restrictions will remain in place for another week because NSW Health still haven’t managed to track down the initial source of the current Sydney outbreak which is limited so far to one man and his wife.

There has been a slight but important tweak to the restrictions with, “retail customers” not needing to wear masks.

The restrictions – which will have been in place for three days from tomorrow were due to be lifted Monday – but this morning - Sunday - NSW Health says the infected Sydney eastern suburbs man acquired the infection through brief contact with a currently unidentified person who was infectious in the community.

To safeguard the community and reduce the risk of further transmission, says the NSW Government, it has extended the temporary COVID-safe measures for the Greater Sydney region which includes the Hawkesbury.

The restrictions also cover Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains.

The one change to the existing orders removes the requirement for retail customers to wear masks, however public-facing staff in retail outlets must continue to do so.

The following measures will now be in effect until 12.01 am Monday 17 May.

  • Visitors to households are limited to 20 guests, including children;

  • Masks are compulsory on public transport and in public indoor venues, such as theatres, hospitals, and aged care facilities.

  • Masks are not required in gyms or other similar facilities like indoor pools or dance studios;

  • Drinking while standing up at indoor venues is not allowed;

  • Singing by audiences at indoor shows or by congregants at indoor places of worship is not allowed;

  • Dancing is not allowed at indoor hospitality venues or nightclubs however, dancing is allowed at weddings with a strong recommendation that no more than 20 people should be on the dancefloor at any one time;

  • Visitors to aged care facilities are limited to two people per day.

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