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Twenty-nine people newly recorded with COVID were infectious for all of the time they were in the community, Premier Gladys Berejiklian says.

"We will not hesitate to go harder," said the Premier.

"That number keeps going up," said the Premier this morning at 11am onwards.

"There's no doubt the numbers are not where we like them," she said.

"The numbers tomorrow will be greater than what we see today. If we need to go harder of course we will. we review that every day, we won't hesitate to do that even further."

The number of infectious cases is crucial because the Premier has previously said until that number is as close to zero as possible, lockdown will continue.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard says according to one medical report the Delta variant - which is the variant of the virus circulating - is up to 1000 times more transmissible than normal COVID.

Hawkesbury has four proven cases of COVID, with NSW Health knowing the source of all four infections.

There were 77,500 tests in the last 24-hours, "which is outstanding," said the Premier.

Total tests in Hawkesbury now number 9409, with 1000 in the last 24 hours.

"Apart from exercise don’t move around this weekend," said the Premier. "Don’t go shopping."

Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant said, "the cases we are seeing today reflect transmission events from 14 days ago. Please consider the person you may come into contact with has COVID.

"Stay at home do not leave the home."

There are now 75 people in hospital with COVID, 19 are in ICU and 11 of those are under the age of 35.

Only one person in ICU has received one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, said Dr Chant.

Deputy Chief Commissioner Gary Warboys said 164 infringements had been issued in the last 24-hours to people not complying with COVID restrictions.

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