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COVID infected person at North Richmond’s MyHealth on Saturday – check times below and get tested

MyHealth North Richmond was notified by Public Health late on Tuesday

afternoon that a patient that attended the practice on Saturday August 14 afternoon during the vaccine clinic has tested positive to COVID.

The patient was there between 12.30pm - 1.15pm on Saturday, so if you were also there at that time you need to get tested for COVID and self-isolate.

Fortunately, the clinic know all patients that were there and have their contact details.

In a statement, the practice put out a short while ago they say, “We immediately sent the staff that were working in the practice on Saturday during the clinic home for testing and isolating.”

On Tuesday night the practice underwent a deep clean, though if you were there on Monday it would also make sense to get tested.

All staff that were working have now been tested and so far all results have been negative.

Public Health has completed a venue assessment and has cleared all staff, except for the nurse who vaccinated the infected patient, to return to work providing their test returns a negative result.

The nurse that vaccinated the infected patient has been required to test and isolate and is complying with NSW Health orders.

The nurse that vaccinated the infected patient has not been back to the practice since Saturday.

“We have supplied Public Health with a list of patients that were at the clinic during the specified time. NSW Health will be contacting those people with further instruction today. If the situation changes we will advise accordingly.”

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