• Tony Bosworth

Couple on travel spree across 9 suburbs – including Richmond - will appear in court next month

This story begins at 1.30am yesterday – Wednesday - when officers from Riverstone Police Area Command stopped a 22-year-old Blacktown woman and a 39-year-old Mt Druitt man at Dean Park in the Blacktown area.

They were found to be out in breach of the Public Health Orders. They were each issued a $1000 PIN before being told to go home.

But much later the same day, at 7.30pm, the pair were stopped at Quakers Hill, again in breach of the stay home orders.

Checks revealed the earlier interaction with police and the legal action and fine.

Police investigated further and found the pair had not returned home as directed, instead they’d travelled on public transport to at least nine different suburbs – including Richmond and through to Sydney CBD – throughout the day.

They’d eaten at a fast food restaurant and a hotel where they spent time with two other people.

They have been charged with not comply with noticed direction re: Section 7/8/9 – COVID-19, and are due to appear in court next month.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys, State Emergency Operations Controller, said, "while the vast majority of the community is doing the right thing, it is concerning that three weeks into these restrictions, we are seeing an increase in non-compliance."

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