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Council looking for cool tree choices for town boulevards in Richmond, Windsor and South Windsor

Richmond, South Windsor and Windsor are moving closer to tree-lined boulevards along their main streets which will see cooling tree canopies shade pedestrians and enhance the towns' natural beauty .

Hawkesbury Council are starting to explore which trees would be best to create that cooling shade and which would best fit in to create the lengthy boulevards in the town centres, thanks to a $1.24m grant.

The $1.244m Greening our City grant from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is centred on the trees and their design and planting, and is an additional slice of funding on top of the Liveability Fund which sees Hawkesbury getting $18m for town major once-in-a-generation rejuvenations.

“Trees play an important role in creating great places for our communities, enhancing outdoor recreation and exercise opportunities and making the places we live and work greener, cooler and more connected,” Hawkesbury Mayor Patrick Conolly said.

It’s proven in other towns and cities globally that a green canopy adds comfort, shade and filters out pollutants in local parks and streets and is crucial in reducing surrounding temperatures, as well as lowering the urban heat island effect.

“It helps our environment and makes our public area more liveable and beautiful,” said the Mayor.

“The grant will help us to create green boulevardes in Richmond, South Windsor and Windsor, creating spaces for the community to enjoy.”

The NSW government’s target is to have one million trees planted and registered with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment by 2022.

Find out about other greening projects which are happening at https://bit.ly/Greening-Our-City

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