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Confusion over restrictions – the facts about that 5km rule for the Hawkesbury

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Many residents are not surprisingly confused about the NSW government messaging over COVID restrictions, especially the 5km rule which comes in first thing Monday – from midnight tonight.

We talked to NSW Police last night to confirm the situation for Hawkesbury residents.

You can shop in your local government area - it doesn't have to be within 5km of your home

Short story is, the 5km rule does not mean you can’t go shopping over 5km away – which let’s face it would be impossible for many Hawkesbury residents who often live much further than five kay from a shop.

It’s not been helped by the inclusion of an interactive map where you can put your home address in and find out what 5km looks like – this does not apply to the Hawkesbury.

Here’s what the rule says -

“In addition, in Greater Sydney and other lockdown areas, the 10 kilometre rule will be reduced from 12.01am Monday, August 16, with shopping, exercise and outdoor recreation to be done in a person’s local government area (LGA) or, if outside their LGA, within 5 kilometres of home. LGAs of concern must still exercise and shop within 5 kilometres from home only.”

So if you live in the Hawkesbury, under Operation Stay At Home, from Monday, you can still shop and exercise within the Hawkesbury Council area.

Being out and about shopping for essential goods is called a Reasonable Excuse to be out and about and here are the specific words – “Reasonable excuses include: obtaining food or other goods and services locally (within your own local government area – so that’s the Hawkesbury), or if in another local government area within 5km of your home”.

So that new 5km rule will really only affect people on the boundary of a Council area.

And we are not currently an “LGA of concern”.

Hope that helps and here is a link to those government regulations.


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