• Tony Bosworth

“Confusion and frustration” among small business owners over COVID support package – MP Templeman

The government’s COVID Support Package aimed at businesses and individuals is confusing and frustrating, says Macquarie MP Susan Templeman, not least for small business owners.

“I have spoken with dozens of small business owners since the package was announced – coach operators, cafes, retailers and hairdressers - and while it will benefit some, there is confusion and frustration about the announcement,” Ms Templeman said.

“One of the biggest concerns is that people won’t even be able to apply for the wage relief until late in July, and right now there aren’t any answers to the many questions people have about how it will work or when the money will land in their accounts. They are paying staff and many have no income at all, so the need is urgent.

“The other real fear people are sharing with me is that tiny businesses, new businesses and businesses that have expanded in the last two years may not qualify for support.

“Just as it’s not clear who an essential worker is, so it’s not clear how this support package will actually work.

“Businesses needed clarity now,” she said. “They needed certainty about the future now; and they needed actual cash now – and yet again Scott Morrison has let them down.”

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