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Boulevard of dreams – how Windsor could stand tall on the world stage of grand heritage boulevards

Windsor is one of the earliest European settlements in Australia and it’s about time it had a long treed boulevard which people could stroll down while marvelling at the beauty and history of one of the Hawkesbury’s favourite locations.

And there should also be the opportunity to buy your very own paver with family name stamped into it as part of Windsor’s continuing heritage long into the future.

Those are just two of the ideas Windsor businessman Darren Pead is supporting, and he wants Hawkesbury Council to give them and others its official seal of approval.

Mr Pead says this is the sort of boulevard he'd love to see in Windsor - this picture of a town in Maryland, USA

Mr Pead and wife Lucille runs three successful businesses in Windsor – Guy Stuff, Delicious Desserts, and Lollies ‘N’ Stuff - and not surprisingly they believe it is a town with a very bright future.

Mr Pead – he is also behind the I Love Windsor Facebook page – is pushing hard for residents and ultimately the Council to commit to an overall vision which is on its way to becoming reality thanks to $18m in funding under the Liveability Fund. That large grant will see a once-in-a-lifetime rejuvenation of three Hawkesbury towns.

Examples from around the world of some of Mr Pead's ideas for a revitalised Windsor

The main vision is for a grand boulevard right from the end of the current mall and all the way down to the railway station. The route – which also has much historical significance - has already been earmarked as a vital part of the revitalisation of Windsor – Richmond and South Windsor are getting some decent projects out of the funding too – thanks to a working group of locals who helped Hawkesbury Council come up with firm ideas, including the treed boulevard.

And thanks to a separate Greening Our Cities grant, the treed boulevard is definitely on the table, with the council already looking for suitable trees.

Another US town which Mr Pead reckons is a good example of how Windsor could look, complete with old fashioned street lamps

“With the upgrades to the Windsor Mall and surrounds that are in the planning stage, one of the major improvements we are pushing for is a world class Grand Boulevard/heritage walk from Thompsons Square to the railway station,” says Mr Pead.

He has a whole list of other ideas and while they have been presented to the Mayor, Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston, as well as councillors and council staff, and have received strong support, Mr Pead is going to request they be formally adopted at an upcoming council meeting.

He’s keen on community feedback too.

His recommendations include:

  • Old fashioned gas lamps, as currently seen in the mall (powered by LED bulbs) lining both sides of George Street from Thompsons Square all the way to the Railway Station, a distance of 1.5kms. The lamps already in the mall are LED operational and would stay in their current location, framing the features in the Mall.

  • Significant metal signage should be installed, highlighting major historic sites and buildings along the way.

  • Traditional metal street signs could also be placed along the way.

  • Different coloured pavers to indicate a walking trail with metal plates detailing points of interest along the walk, plus pavers engraved with local family names and paid for by local families to assist in paying for the upgrades.

“With the current lockdowns it will be even more critical to give local businesses reasons to stay in Windsor, and give Sydneysiders even more reason to visit,” says Mr Pead.

“The post-COVID lockdown number one showed locals were keen to visit and support local businesses,” he said.

“We hope post-COVID lockdown two will be the same.”

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