• Tony Bosworth

Booming Bilpin looks at traffic and parking changes

More and more people are visiting Bilpin and it’s causing traffic problems, with day trippers parking wherever they can to visit local cafés, restaurants and other tourist attractions in the area.

Sweet times for Land of the Mountain Apples, as Bilpin's popularity soars, but traffic is becoming a problem

But now something is being done, with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and Hawkesbury Council asking for residents’ feedback on proposed parking changes across what some are calling the Bilpin CBD, which will see more parallel parking slots and some parking restrictions extended.

If the plans get the go ahead after public consultation, they are likely to be in force by December, and will be enforced by council rangers and police.

It is also possible speed limits will be adjusted downwards in some areas once traffic flow information from road counters is assessed.

A TfNSW spokesperson told the Post that “in consultation with Hawkesbury Council, Transport for NSW carried out a review of the street parking on Bells Line of Road to determine if the existing parking arrangements meet the needs of the community.

“As a result of the review, Transport for NSW is proposing to introduce parking changes to improve safety and traffic flow for local residents and motorists.

“The proposed changes involve installing parallel parking bays along both sides of Bells Line of Road on the eastern and western side of Hanlon Road South to increase road capacity.

“No Stopping areas are also being proposed along the intersection of Hanlon Road North as well as the intersection of Hanlon Road South to join the existing No Stopping area on Bells Line of Road.”

Some 100 homes closest to, or potentially affected by the proposed changes, have been leafleted with information.

Transport for NSW invites the community to provide feedback on the proposed parking changes by close of business on Wednesday 11 November. All feedback will be considered and the community will be updated as the project progresses, say TfNSW.

Feedback can be provided via email david.osborne@transport.nsw.gov.au, phone 0428 955 780, or mail Attention David Osborne Transport for NSW 27 Argyle Street Parramatta NSW 2150.

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