• Tony Bosworth

BLOR – one lane to reopen this weekend - trees to be taken down, but let’s hope there’s no rain...

Several large trees are headed for the chop this afternoon on Bells Line of Road in an effort to solve the ‘tension crack’ which appeared yesterday above the road east of Mt Tomah, following 16mm of rain overnight Wednesday.

TfNSW say the tree removals should solve the problem but warn that further rain could make the current damage worse and again

delay reopening of the road.

Transport for NSW tell us they have completed further investigations of Bells Line of Road and specialists have confirmed a number of large trees are perched dangerously and present a risk to motorist safety and the stability of the slope along the road.

Work to remove the trees has been scheduled for this afternoon Friday, a TfNSW spokesperson said.

“Concrete barriers are in place and all traffic control measures have been confirmed. These measures and the removal of the trees will address the tension crack and allow Bells Line of Road to safely re-open,” the spokesperson said.

“Subject to the safe removal of the trees and weather permitting, one lane of Bells Line of Road is expected to reopen over the weekend”.

And while TfNSW say they have “committed all available resources to the reopening of Bells Line of Road,” they warn further rain may “exacerbate the current damage again and further delay the opening”.

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