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BLOR is open to Bilpin – take a trip up there and support local businesses over Easter

Bilpin region businesses are annoyed that electronic road signs at Kurrajong tell drivers BLOR is closed, and they say the poorly worded signs are turning business away at one of the busiest times of the year.

Normally business booms over Easter for businesses on Bells Line of Road from Kurrajong to Bilpin as Sydney residents drive up the mountain to pick apples and enjoy the natural surroundings, says Sam Ramarci of Bilpin Apple Pie Cottage Orchard.

“I’d normally sell hundreds of apple pies over this long weekend but that is not going to happen. Everyone thinks BLOR is closed from Kurrajong because that is where the RMS have put a giant electronic sign telling people it's closed,” Mr Ramarci said.

The sign tells drivers BLOR is closed at Mt Tomah and the Putty Road is open. That means drivers unfamiliar with exactly where the road closure is – the road is closed from Mt Tomah due to landslips and subsidence – will likely turn around or take Comelroy Road to link up with Putty Road.

Mr Ramarci said, “I could have played a game of tennis on BLOR today [Friday]. There were no cars and everyone was twiddling their thumbs waiting for customers.

“One business told me they were going to cancel the 11 staff they would normally have paid time and half this weekend because they had only one customer today. People need this money, we are still getting over the fires and Covid.

“It's terrible that the 20-plus roadside businesses from Kurrajong Heights to Bilpin may have to lay off staff and close because of poor signage from RMS,” said Lionel Buckett of Bilpin Tourism Alliance.

“We need our government to think harder about the ramifications of their actions on the community. All they had to do was ask anyone who lives up the mountain about the signage and we could have told them what to say.

“So we are asking community members to spread the word – BLOR is open at Bilpin, it’s closed at Mt Tomah.”

Pic - Tom Swinnen

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