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Bike rider may lose leg following collision – police patrols to be increased

We reported on Saturday a collision between a motorcyclist and truck on St Albans Road, and now Hawkesbury Police Chief Inspector Garry Sims APM says patrols will be stepped up, with a Macdonald Valley local saying it’s “like Oran Park” on weekends as bike riders flock to the area’s twisty roads.

Chief Inspector Sims, who is the Customer Service Duty Officer for Hawkesbury Police Area Command, said the collision occurred around 12.30pm on St Albans Road, Lower Macdonald Valley and saw the callout of emergency services and the CareFlight helicopter.

“Unfortunately, the rider of the motor bike received serious injuries and a report received from Westmead Hospital was that the rider’s leg may have to be amputated,” Chief Inspector Sims said today - Sunday.

“An investigation into the collision indicates that the rider of the motor cycle may have crossed to the incorrect side of the roadway while negotiating a corner and that speed may have been a factor,” said the Chief Inspector.

“The consequence of this incident are profound to both the rider and the driver of the other vehicle and these consequences need to be reflected upon,” he said.

Macdonald Valley local – Gillian Jessup – said on Facebook, “last weekend St Albans Rd felt like being trackside at Oran Park, the volume of motorbikes was incredible and a large percentage treating the road like a racetrack”.

“The Valley has seen an increase of late with the use of motor cycles,” Chief Inspector Sims told the Post.

If you're a motorcyclist, don't treat local roads like a racetrack

“Many of these users are not local to the area and not particularly familiar with local conditions. Interestingly, there are more mature aged riders - which statistically places them in the 'higher risk' category for having an accident.”

It’s not just the Macdonald Valley seeing an increase in motorbikes and traffic in general. Bilpin region has seen a massive increase, especially on weekends, and Upper Colo has also seen a rise in numbers on the roads.

Upper Colo resident Kristi Bryant added her voice to the discussion on Sunday, saying on the local Facebook page, “I’m sure most of the community here would be able to voice their awareness of an increase of road users of Upper Colo roads as well.

“While it’s important that the regular users maintain awareness of what’s around the corner, it’s also really important that visitors are aware that these roads are used by others and need to be respected - not only for the potential hazards like road conditions and other users but also for the response time if anything was to happen” said Ms Bryant.

“While many local road users display good driving practices, it is a timely reminder to revisit some motor cycle awareness tips,” said the Chief Inspector.

  • Beware of your blind spots. Motorcycles are smaller than cars so they can be doubly as difficult to see when turning or switching lanes. Be sure to make a visual check as well as use your mirrors when turning.

  • Be careful taking turns. With any turns, be aware of motorcycles on the road and how fast they are going if you are turning. Right turns can be particularly dangerous due to your blind spots.

  • Don’t tailgate. Leaving room between you and a motorcycle in front of you is essential to helping prevent accidents. Giving yourself room will give you time and space to react if the motorcyclist makes a quick, unexpected turn.

“As locals, staying on top of your driving skills will assist in keeping other road users safe,” said Chief Inspector Sims.

“Be aware of motor cycles, and drive so others survive!”

Racing bike pic - Vikram Sundaramoorthy

Bike on road pic - Guduru Ajay Bhargav

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