• Tony Bosworth

Beware counterfeit $50 notes circulating in the Hawkesbury

Hawkesbury Police have seized several counterfeit $50 banknotes from retailers across the local government area in the past few days, and are warning the public to look out for them.

Chief Inspector Garry Sims APM told the Post the fakes are not high quality.

“People need to have a look and not just accept a $50 when it’s handed over. They are fairly easy to spot if people have a look,” said the Chief Inspector.

"We're asking people to be vigilant, take a moment, have a look. It will save you dollars to just spend a moment of your time checking if the note is genuine or not."

Police advice if you do come across any of these notes is to:

· Handle the note as little as possible and store it in an envelope.

· Note any relevant information, such as how it came into your possession.

· Report the matter to police.

Information on how to detect a counterfeit note is provided here by the Reserve Bank of Australia.


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