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Bells Line of Road will not be open before Easter holiday - but you can still get to Bilpin...

Transport for NSW has just told us BLOR is not expected to open for Easter, causing motorists’ holiday plans – or at least routes - to be rethought as the holiday begins.

Crews are using ground-penetrating radar at Bells Line of Road today to assess ground conditions under the road – they’re concerned about drainage washouts or voids, a TfNSW spokesperson told us.

“This will help identify any areas where there may be drainage washouts or voids and help with the development of strategies to fix this section of the road,” said the spokesperson.

“Bells Line of road is not expected to open before Easter.”

The road at Mount Tomah is closed between Mount Wilson Road (east of Bell) and at The Hive (west of Berambing), due to heavy rain last week and landslides.

Anyone looking to travel to Bilpin on the long weekend from North Richmond direction doesn't need to worry - the road is open that far up, in fact it's open as far as The Hive at Berambing.

"There are still a number of major concerns about the stability of slopes and the risk of landslides,” the spokesperson told the Post.

“Maintenance teams and specialist geotechnical teams have been on site all week assessing the stability of the route and we continue to receive regular updates.

Landslips, and water still coursing down over roadside rock face of BLOR...

“We are working to have the road reopened as soon as it is safe to do so,” said the spokesperson.

There is no timeframe for the reopening of the major arterial road, but the State government – which is responsible for the road - has said it is a priority to get BLOR back open as soon as possible.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Paul Toole, said, “with the Bells Line of Road still closed, we expect to see additional congestion on the Great Western Highway as well as other key corridors out of Sydney including the M1 Pacific Motorway and the Princes Highway.

“We all know how frustrating it can be to sit in traffic but it’s critical people are patient, plan ahead and allow extra travel time. We want everyone to arrive safely at their destination.”

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