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Bee –utiful idea drops in Kurrajong and causes a buzz!

What a beautiful idea this is – a whole load of artfully painted stones with playful bees on them have been found in Kurrajong’s Memorial Park and around the Mill Stone.

The 30 miniature works of art are the work of Kurrajong Hills’ resident Angela Goddard who told the Post she’d painted the rocks because like a lot of locals during lockdown she was sitting at home trying to do something constructive and uplifting.

“I have seen lots of stuff recently of people doing rock art and I was more recently inspired by some lovely painted rocks on one of my weekly socially distanced "exercise with a friend" walks around the back of Redbank,” she said.

Ms Goddard chatted with Kurrajong’s Lyn Ward and Elizabeth Docking about her idea and they settled on the bees not least because the village is the centre of the much-love Kurrajong a Buzz events the pair organise every year.

Some of the buzzing artworks...

“Angela was inspired to include the bee theme in her inspiration rocks because of the Kurrajong a Buzz events,” said Mrs Docking.

"We were thrilled to find so many rock art pieces with bee-themed messages around the Kurrajong Memorial Park and Mill stone.

“While families and walkers enjoyed reading the messages and possibly taking one home, the rocks also remind us that bees are our friends and so important for pollination and food security,” said Mrs Docking.

“Placement in the park was a natural fit because of its abundance of native plants.

The popular annual Kurrajong a Buzz encourages people to love bees and all other pollinators of all types, insects essential for much of the food we eat and the flowers and trees we admire but unfortunately it’s had to be cancelled this year because of COVID.

“I also thought the village could use some cheer,” said Ms Goddard.

“Placing them was fun knowing that others would get some enjoyment from them. The bees were inspired by precious village themes and the words were designed to have a positive message for people at this tough time.”

Great work, and truly something uplifting for the whole community in these challenging times.

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