• Tony Bosworth

Bakery gives flood-affected kids the lift they need thanks to Junior Baker classes

The floods weren’t just about ruining countless peoples’ homes and unsettling their lives, the children of flood ravaged areas were often traumatised by the major upset, and it’s still going on as clean-ups continue, so a bit of time out at a Junior Bakers’ class gave some of them just the lift they needed.

Glenorie Bakery's Rob Pirina with budding young bakers from Wilberforce

“It’s part of the Junior Bakers Academy, “ said Rob Pirina, owner of Glenorie Bakery who invited a group of Wilberforce youngsters to come along and join the latest class.

“It’s about showing kids how to bake,” Mr Pirina said, “but with the floods it was also an opportunity to get away from that for a while, to give them a break.”

“It’s also about empowering kids, to learn a new set of skills. Some say it’s a dying trade, the bakery business, so it’s also good to promote the industry and help youngsters learn what it’s all about,” he said.

Costs for the events were covered by Glenorie Bakery and its sponsors Stockland who have been making donations to support the initiative which has been running for four years.

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