• Tony Bosworth

As much as a quarter of Windsor Bridge underwater as flood continues

Windsor businessman Darren Pead has just given us these latest pictures of the new Windsor Bridge.

Darren says he reckons between a third and a quarter of the new Windsor bridge is now underwater.

He makes a good point that he doesn't believe it will get completely submerged because water is flowing off into the flat land of the west, where the turf farms are, so spreading out that way. The Windsor end of the bridge is of course much higher. Still, there is a lot of water and it's still coming.

Hawkesbury SES believes this flood will equal the 1961 flood which saw 15.1 metres of water at Windsor Bridge. If they are correct, this will be a really major flood event the like of which most of us have not seen before in the Hawkesbury.

If the forecasters are correct, we’re also due a fair amount more rain in the next few days, and Warragamba Dam is still spilling, which adds more water to the Hawkesbury.

We’ll be here, keeping you updated as all this continues to unfold.

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