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As many as 1000 Hawkesbury properties flooded

Power has been cut for safety reasons by Endeavour Agency to at least 1000 low-lying properties along the Hawkesbury and Colo Rivers where homes have been evacuated and most will have suffered flooding.

A further 200 homes and business are without power in areas where Endeavour is unable to access the network to make repairs due to flooding and road closures.

This afternoon power to the McGraths Hill Waste Water Treatment plant was also shut off, and four pump stations in McGraths Hill, South Windsor and Windsor Downs were switched off after being submerged by flood waters.

Council has 24 pump stations, with the remaining 20 pump stations still connected to power and working normally.

“We are continuing to monitor flood levels which have fortunately not risen to the heights expected yesterday,” an Endeavour Energy spokesperson said today - Monday.

“It is expected to take several days before we are able to restore customers as it depends on flood waters receding, roads being reopened and the ground being firm enough for emergency crews to access sites.

“When customers do return home, Endeavour Energy will complete a free safety inspection to determine if properties are safe to be re-energised,” said the spokesperson.

“Where properties have been impacted by floodwater, the owner will need to have a licensed electrician conduct a safety inspection of the internal wiring before power can be safely re-energised.”

Remember to stay at least eight metres clear of any damaged or fallen powerlines, and report them immediately by calling Endeavour Energy on 131 003 or emergency services on 000.

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