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Another $682,000 for Hawkesbury Showground on top of almost $2m already gifted by government

You could be forgiven for thinking the Hawkesbury Showground sits at the end of a rainbow, such is the money flowing into its coffers as it gears up for this year’s Hawkesbury Show in April.

Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston today – Friday – announced almost $690,000 in funding for upgrades to the Hawkesbury showground.

Robyn Preston MP, Andrea Roth, Admin and Business Manager Hawkesbury District Agricultural Association, HDAA Treasurer Ken Ridge and President Ross Matheson

This latest cash injection comes on the back of $1.65m announced earlier this month for a new pavilion, which itself came on the heels of just under $324,000 from the Showgrounds Stimulus Funding Program.

This latest injection is from the State government’s phase two Covid-19 showground stimulus program and brings the current grand total to $2.657m.

“It’s fantastic to report this funding has been secured for local showground upgrades,” Ms Preston said.

“Showgrounds are multi-use community hubs and this continued funding comes at an important time as Covid-19 has been disrupting activities that showgrounds rely on for their income.

“This investment will improve the safety and quality of showground infrastructure while stimulating work for local trades and material suppliers.”

The projects being funded by this latest amount include:

· $310,530 for stable refurbishment

· $102,014 for reconfiguration, refurbishment of aged amenities block

· $97,834 for upgrade and resurfacing of main internal roadway

· $58,732 for upgrade and replacement of main arena ground announcer boxes

· $29,755 for safety fencing to competition arena 3 and arena 4

· $25,657 for supply and installation of post and rail fencing to equestrian competition and exercise arena

· $22,000 for upgrade of major electrical distribution control boards

· $21,842 for replacement of guttering and drainage on administration building

· $13,908 for canine training and competition arena permanent seating

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, said the NSW Government had allocated another $20 million for showground upgrades across the State from the Covid-19 stimulus program to improve community infrastructure and support jobs and local economies.

“Our previous investment of $35 million helped upgrade these important community facilities while stimulating local economies and providing jobs for local tradespeople and suppliers,” Mr Stokes said.

“This additional $20 million investment will ensure that good work continues with a further 172 upgrade projects at 73 showgrounds to create better public spaces.

“Showground projects across the State have been wide ranging - from rebuilds of grandstands, pavilions, arenas and stables to upgrades of kitchen and amenities blocks, lighting and electrical systems, water and sewerage networks and roads.”

The Hawkesbury Show is on from Friday April 23 to Sunday April 25.

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