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Allo allo! Richmond Players are returning to the stage

“The set was finished, the cast and crew were ready, and we had two final dress rehearsals left before we were due to open to the public,” Sean Duff, Richmond Players’ president and producer of ‘Allo ‘Allo!, says of the decision to cancel the production last March due to Covid.

“The cast and committee agreed that for the sake of the community, we needed to delay the show.”

Like many businesses in isolation, the cast turned to Zoom and stayed in touch by rehearsing online each month.

And now they are excited to be preparing for a return to the stage this March.

“The show will change slightly from what we had prepared,” Mr Duff said.

“We have had a couple of cast changes, but most of our original cast are still with us. And we now have some new Aussie vernacular – like ‘iso’ and ‘social distancing’ that I’m sure we will have some fun integrating somehow into the show.

“It’s a comedy that lends itself to incorporating references to popular culture and I think our audience will really love it.”

‘Allo ‘Allo! is a timeless British comedy first shown on the BBC in 1982 and based around a small café in France owned by Rene Artois during World War II. While his cafe is used as a safe house for British airmen, he also runs covert operations, flirts with women and keeps his wife happy.

Director, and Grose Wold resident, Carol Dicker, has been directing shows for over 20 years and this is her second production with Richmond Players.

“It is good old-fashioned comedy, with lots of slapstick, physical humour, one-liners and innuendo. What’s not to love?” she said.

Performances of ‘Allo ‘Allo! run from March 6-27.

Richmond Players has introduced new Covid-safe measures to ensure audiences have a safe and enjoyable experience. Tickets are limited, so book early. Book online at www.richmondplayers.com.au

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