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All day planned power cut so resident could get tree down in Bowen Mountain cancelled

Many Bowen Mountain residents have been up in arms this week after they got a text message from Endeavour Energy saying power would be cut potentially from 8am to 4pm on Friday, July 16 in the midst of the Covid lockdown, during winter, and with most school children at home.

The planned outage followed a request from a resident to have a large tree - which was near power cables - taken down.

Residents would have potentially lost power in Bowen Mountain Rd, Lt Bowen Rd and Drive, Pamela Crescent, Waratah St and Wattle St.

Angry residents took to social media questioning why the power cut, with one resident putting the case succinctly.

“We will be locked down with no power, no pump (no running water, so no toilets), no internet for working from home and learning from home and no reception due to relying on wifi to call out.

“I can keep our fire going for heat but many rely on electric heating too and many have little kids and babies at home too.

“We also have numerous elderly residents up here in freezing conditions who won’t have heating or water.”

The resident added that due to the lockdown, “remember how we can’t go anywhere else?”

She said she had messaged Endeavour Energy and reported, “they are going on regardless”.

We got in touch with Endeavour this morning and put to them the residents’ concerns and by the afternoon they came back to us with this statement.

“This planned outage has been cancelled for next Friday 16 July.

“The outage was requested on behalf of a local resident to safely remove a large tree adjoining powerlines well before the current stay at home orders were issued.

“No date has been set for when the work will be rescheduled as we need to liaise with the vegetation contractor undertaking the work for the resident.”

Bowen Mountain residents were sent text messages this afternoon confirming the planned outage cancellation.

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