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$60m redevelopment of North Richmond’s St John of God begins June to provide ‘sanctuary atmosphere'

Updated: May 24

The $60 million redevelopment of St John of God Richmond Hospital on Grose Vale Rd gets underway next month and will deliver "contemporary mental health care that builds connection, improves lives and transforms the way care is provided," says the Catholic healthcare organisation.

Work on the major SJOG rejuvenation will begin in June at the same time major works start on Grose Vale Rd by Redbank Communities, including the building of a new roundabout just up from the health facility, so prepare for some local traffic issues.

The rebuilt Catholic-run private health centre will feature:

• 112 private rooms

• Accommodation pavilions separate from treatment spaces to allow patients to heal and recover

• A wellness centre containing gym, indoor pool and massage room

• Refurbishment of some existing buildings including administration facilities

• Preservation of the historic Belmont House, which will become the highlight of the new campus design

St John of God Health Care has appointed Richard Crookes Constructions to take on the major redevelopment of its mental health facility.

The healthcare group says the rebuild will, “transform the facility into a modern mental health campus, featuring all single rooms, a wellness centre and indoor pool”.

The historic Belmont House will again become a highlight of the new campus, says a spokesperson for SJOG.

Artist's impression of the planned new wellness centre

Care and treatment at the mental health centre will continue throughout the redevelopment.

St John of God Richmond Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Colman O’Driscoll, said it was pleasing to be able to appoint the builder, a well-known and experienced construction company, to start this major transformation.

“It is an exciting moment to start this redevelopment which will transform our care and the experience for clients and their families, enabling us to better respond to community and clients’ needs when seeking mental health care,” he said.

“Not only is our capacity increasing but the entire experience will be elevated for clients, with private rooms, and an onsite wellness centre featuring gym, indoor pool and fitness studio.”

“We are also separating treatment spaces from accommodation spaces so that clients can heal and recover in environments that are conducive to their needs.”

Mr O’Driscoll said the hospital’s treatment programs would be updated alongside the redevelopment so they could, “better connect with clients and integrate care with everyday activities, as well as support mental and physical wellbeing”.

“The campus will provide a sanctuary atmosphere that inspires confidence, trust and promotes empowerment through the delivery of excellent care in an exceptional environment,” Mr O’Driscoll said.

“We want to help people overcome the disconnection and isolation that is so often experienced by those impacted by mental ill-health and assist in reconnecting to family, friends and their communities, so that they can realise their potential and live their best life.”

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